I'm a Friend of the family and lord knows they have grown attach to me so here's my wish , I'm reaching out to everyone aking for help for the Father of 3 Lovely Kids Ralph Robinson who I know so well for over 9 years we worked together,we have our family love one another as one .
Ralph was Diagnosed with Stage 111 Cancer a Malignant Tumor of the Spinal Cord was discovered that a size almost 11 Cm long. This type of tumor usually is a Brain Tumor and only 3% occur in the spine. There's so much I could be telling you more and more but listen this guy right here before he got sick would come to check on me every day I work late he's making sure I'm in the house and my kids are good it would be so Different and now seeing him down is the hardest.

The Family needs so so so much help there needing help with Medical bill's ,Mortgage has fallen behind,There house needs help for Ralph to get up and in Bed he has really lost fillen in hos legs so the wife has to pick and up in and out of shower Bills,Bills,Bills and help with there kid's if you could give out of your heart it would help them out since the dad can't get up and move around.

I ask each and everyone of you to please just take a minute out and think about what if this was us ? What if we could not get up and walk ? What if we could not go to the park with your kid"s ? What if you could't see you kid's walk across stage on Programs? What if you needed help but couldn't ask?
please think of all this and try to give out of your Heart.


Thank you ,

Natalie H 


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